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tv   ABC7 News  KOFY  April 24, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc breaking news in oakland. officers are dealing with a shooting that firefighters witness after fighting a fire in the 1600 block of 14th street. good morning i'm eric thomas in for kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. smith is at the scene. >> reporter: we have an active scene, a fire and shooting and the two are not related. i want to start with the fire. firefighters are still working on an apartment fire that displaced two adults and 10 children as many as 14 may have been forced from their homes. everything started 9:15 this morning. they responded to a one alarm
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fire they believe it was started by chemicals that ignited a mattress. as firefighters were working the fire one firefighter heard gunshots a couple blocks away someone from that shooting ran to the firefighters for help. as one of the fire trucks was released those firefighters spotted the victim of the shooting that gunshot victim was transported to the scene. police have taped off a home in the 1400 block of peralto i have they do not believe that the two incidents are related. you can see this area is still cordoned off in the 1400 block. peralta. they have told witnesses they need to speak to them. those who live in the area can exit the taped area but cannot return. we are still gathering information here at the scene. officers will speak to us in a few minutes. again, the fire and the shooting are not related.
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nick smith, abc7 news. also in oakland thisucnñ$c% morning the mayor is defending her plan for cutting crime. critics say it doesn't seem to be working. neighbors point to a triple shooting last night as an example. katie marzullo is live at oakland city hall. >> reporter: mayor quan's decision to move more officers to the city's most violent 100 block is going to be on agenda this evening of the public safety committee. the chronicle is reporting after six months those officers are moving back to their original assignments. we are learning that might not be the case. last night three were shot at 98th and holly. you don't have to tell neighbors there7, crime rates are up, 20 to 30% since last year. a witness says there aren't enough police. the police union agrees. ?w everyday in the neighborhoods fighting crime. and they are under ferocious pressure, given the level of
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crime and the demand for says. >> reporter: there are 400,000d+ people living in oakland about 650 police officers patrolling. the 100 block's plan move officers away from community policing into the areas with the highest crime rates. residents in other neighborhoods didn't like that. the mayor declined our request for an interview this morning but said the strategy is not a failure. >> now we are about to get a new police academy and getting 25 officers from our new federal grant, those people are going to be put back. it was all going to be temporary. that doesn't mean there are less additional officers in 100 blocks. >> reporter: the police officers' association doesn't believe any strategy will work without enough officers. >> if you only have half the police department than you need all you are doing is displacing crime not tackling the big problems. >> reporter: the public safety
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committee hearing begins tonight at 5:30. as for last night's shooting it sounds like everyone is expected to live. it is possible one of the three was an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire police are still investigating. amy hollyfield -- katie marzullo, abc7 news. also, more students return to oikos university following a shooting rampage three weeks ago four classes being held ñ since the tragedy that claimed seven lives. amy hollyfield has the story. >> reporter: the front of the school is still covered with condolence notes and flowers and pictures of the seven who were shot to death. students returning today walked in through the backdoor avoiding the memorial. they say they won't forget what happened, but they are determined to move forward. >> it was a very bad situation. i have come to school, i
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prayed a lot. i hope the families getting better soon. i just pray again and again. >> reporter: oikos is a christian college it appears the tragedy has not shaken the faith of returning students. the four classes held today are theology classes. >> relationship with god is really help us at this time and every time in our life he always on our side. >> reporter: that doesn't mean it is easy for them to walk back into the building where a former student opened fire, killing seven and hurting three. even the theology instructor felt emotional this morning. >> i'm still feeling so sad. but we have to overcome. >> reporter: his lecture today will include a message about the importance of returning here. >> we have a tragedy here but this is the place we have to
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start, restart. >> reporter: the nursing students aren't here. the administrators say they are too emotional to return the shooting happened in a nursing class. they might not effort come back to this campus the classes now are full and the students who are here seem confident and ready. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. breaking news still in oakland. this is southbound 880 just north of 66th avenue, the scene of a huge accident involving two big rigs and this overturned vehicle. for a time -- actually the third and fourth lanes are blocked the other lanes are open you see the vehicles slowly getting past the scene. still two lanes blocked off you see that vehicle, this looks like an injury accident. we'll keep you updated.
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in the meantime, developing news, protesters threatening to disrupt a wells fargo shareholder meeting in san francisco inside and outside. mark matthew joins us live from the wells fargo bank on california street. >> reporter: we are on california wells fargo has decided to whole the meeting in the merchant's bank across the street not inside the wells fargo bank building. maybe a strategic move on their part to keep the action away from the bank. right now the crouse measured in dozens rather than the thousands -- thousands that organizers said they expected. we understand from the police as many as 400 may be on their way here marching from justin herman plaza. we have pictures of people going into the meeting earlier they were asked for their picture id's and stock certificates to prove they were wells fargo shareholders and entitled to go into the meeting. most that we talked to said
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they were in support of the protests. >> i think this is a very legitimate protest that wells fargo have 21 billion in unpaid taxes. they also are invested in private prisons and these are all an innag ma to working-class across the country -- >> i think it will depend on how many shares people have. >> reporter: wells fargo has issued a statement saying wells fargo respects the rises of americans to peacefully assemble our focus will be the safety of our customers, team members and shareholders. they are telling reporters we can go into the meeting but we can't bring any cameras or recording devices. the story here is out on the street as we are pecking the protesters from justin herman plaza -- we are expecting the protesters from justin herman
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plaza plaza. low speed chase -- is back on the move today in the last three hours crews lifted that boat on to a big rig so it would be transported to an unknown location. the yacht overturned during a race a week and a half ago five of the eight onboard were killed. yesterday a lifted that yacht and through it to half moon bay. the salvage company was paid $200,000 to do that job. apple is expected to take another big bite out of wall street. the gains are coming at a cost to others. honoring our nation's teachers. the presidential honor given to a california educator this
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>> if you are looking for a job abc7 news is here to help. a job fair starts at noon and will go until 4 p.m. at the hilton garden inn on powell street in emeryville. for more information go to click jobs on the left. hours from now apple is set to release what is expected to be another record breaking quarterly earnings report. analysts expect a profit of more than nine billion dollars for the january to march
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quarter. apple is already the world's most valuable company. however, apple's gains may be hurting some of its biggest business partners. at&t stock down 25% since it became the first u.s. phone company to iphone in 2007. the company says it is losing money on the phone sales at the same time apple stock is up 415%. apple's dominance appears to be hurting rival phone makers apple makes 80% of the industry's operating profits. president obama is in north carolina this morning pushing his plan to keep the cost of college loans from soaring for millions of students. >> the president: at this make or break moment for the middle class we have to make sure you are not saddled with debt before you get started in life. [ place ] -- [ applause ] isn't just onet: because, i of the best investments you
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can make in your future, it is one of the best investments america can make in our future. the president is championing legislation to keep interest rates on several popular loans from doubling from 3.4% to 6.8%. experts say that would tack on $1,000 a year over the life of those loans. the downside is the government loses money on the loans and democrats have to come up with a way to pay for it. new york, connecticut, rhode island, delaware or -- and pennsylvania are holding republican presidential primaries today as voters go to the polls. gop front-runner mitt romney is heading to new hampshire he's scheduled to give a speech in manchester entitled: a better america begins tonight. aides describe that speech as a pivot point where he will begin focusing on unseating president obama this morning president obama honored a 7th
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grade california teacher at this a year's national teacher of the year ward. the president said she maintained -- high expectations for her class and helped remind students school should be fun. she was joined by other teachers. milwaukee paid tribute to call of them. >> i stand as one of them blows me away. why? because i am not the best teacher in america. there isn't one across this nation there are millions of teachers who do the work i do and many do it better. >> the president: these are the kinds of teachers who change lives forever. i wouldn't be here today if it were not for teachers like these who challenged me and pushed me and put up with me and inspired me and set me straight when they had to. >> she said she became a teacher because it was in her dna her parents are both
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teaching veterans with 30 plus years on the job. more sunshine than we saw yesterday this time still plenty of clouds warming trend on the way today, cooler weather with showers and thunderstorm in the forecast wednesday and thursday.
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for no extra charge. so, call today to get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. aren't you glad we switched to at&t? yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ let's go back to mark matthews covering a protest outside wells fargo in
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san francisco it is getting bigger and louder. >> reporter: shareholders meeting here on california street the protest just got a lot bigger 400 people walked from justin herman plaza here to california street outside the merchant's bank building, inside wells fargo is holding a shareholders' meeting. the crowd now hundreds. they've blocked off california as you can see from sky 7 hd traffic has stopped on california at montgomery. they've got a mock-up of the wells fargo stage coach. they've got signs, people with bullhorns chanting. they are saying they are going to get inside the meeting and disrupt it. wells fargo has said reporters are welcome but we can't bring recording devices. that meeting is scheduled for later today. mark matthews, abc7 news.
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time for a look at the forecast. good thing it is happening today or they would be getting rained on tomorrow. showers on the way cooler also enjoy today. first looking from sutro tower down down san francisco lights shining on ther-- financial district one other place from vollmer peak towards mount diablo covered by the cloud condensation level where the moisture condenses into clouds about 3800 feet this morning good measure there. we can see more sunshine breaking out than this time yesterday. temperatures much warmer mainly in the low to mid 60s until you get around the bay shoreline into the south bay upper 60s to near 70 around the monterey bay and inland. today partly sunny, warmer this afternoon, showers and storms wednesday and thursday,
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weekend trending warmer may see 80s. today the same in fremont and san francisco as we were yesterday 71 and 66. santa rosa 68, concord 73°, five degrees warmer than yesterday. sun will set 7:54. warmest weather this afternoon in the east bay valleys, mid 70s upper 60s to low 70s from the nort bay to the bay shore into the south bay low to mid 60s along the coast into san francisco with 66. monterey bay mid to upper 60s. near 70 watsonville with low to mid 70s inland. around the state today warmest palm springs 92. 63 tahoe, 71 yosemite. heading to the game tonight no worries we lost last night, 7:05 first pitch 65 dropping to 59. mid to upper 50s tonight mostly cloudy and drizzle
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possible overnight into tomorrow's commute. low now heading more to the south than to the east. going to take a left and head towards southern california tomorrow that is system one. system two comes from the northwest thursday better chance of bringing us showers and scattered thunderstorms. the system to our west is slowing because it is cut off from the regular flow of the jet stream so it looks like we'll get through the morning with drizzle, showers noon best chance during the afternoon and evening hours. small break, light rain overnight through thursday morning. then the rain coming showers i should say 5:00 thursday into the north bay sweeping across the entire bay to the southeast by early thursday afternoon. a 10th to half inch of rain. temperatures drop about eight degrees by thursday slow warming trend drier friday 80s inland saturday to monday, possibly around the bay
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monterey bay 70s at the coast. we want to show you incredible video from china. this teenager appears to be swallowed up as she walks didn't the street. that whole just opened up in front of her. the res -- that hole just opened up in front of her. the cab driver rushed into the hole jumped in to help the two were pulled out by firefighters. family members used this video to help track that driver so they could thank him. the street has been eroded by underground water forming a hole. everybody is okay. >> very, very lucky.
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live breaking news in san francisco this is montgomery and california a huge protest is taking place. occupy protesters angry with wells fargo says their exec s should pay more in taxes. they want to go into a shareholder's meeting there. mark matthews there. obviously, the street is blocked off so don't try to go through this area. much more at 4, 5 and 6:00. today at 4:00, banks are raking in billions in overdraft fees despite government rules to curb them. how to get real protection. >> the abortion debate heats up in california as lawmakers consider letting more than
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just doctors perform the procedure. those stories and more on abc7 news at 4 and 5. ask anybody who works in tv and they will tell you this. >> we've all seen strange things but none as strange as this. a mother bear and three cubs caught on camera at a tv station seconds before the live weather segment. >> the station has a landscape area the black bear was 10 feet from him he saw the bears and decided to give his forecast inside. >> they are tiny but not when they are biting into your leg. thanks for joining us. see you later.
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